Pilotaje de inmersión en inglés en el tercer curso de Primaria por el CNAI

Hello everybody! We are the children of 3ºA and 3ºB. We are going to tell you what we have done during the two days we spent with the friendly monitors of CNAI.

Before they came to our school we made some posters for the different parts of the school.

The first day (10th of May) was great! We were organized in different groups and we played a lot of funny games. We also rehearsed a song and a dance. We had a very good time and we took many photos!

The second day (11th of May) was wonderful! We brought our different recipes to school and we organized our little food market. We ate a lot!

We were very happy during the two days. We tried to speak in English all the time and we learnt more and different things.