One day, two burglars went to a home. In home there were a 4 years old boy, and his parents, but his parents were fast asleep. The burglars entered to the house. They saw the boy and they said that they were friends of the family.

Unfortunately, the boy believed them. They asked him:

-Where is the CD player?

The boy answered:

-It is in the living room. And we have a stereo, too.

When the burglars went away, the boy woke up to his parents, they phoned a detective. When the detective arrived, he asked to the boy:

-How were the burglars?

The boy explained to the detective, how the burglars were and the detective said that he knew who the burglars were.

After that, they found the burglars and they went to the jail.


By: Leman Folyan



Lucy and Peter were two brothers. They lived in London. Lucy was thin, nice and she had a blond hair. Peter was tall and worker. They had a dog called Tim.

Last summer they went to an island in Hawaii by plane. The island was very nice. They went to a hotel. Lucy and Peter were very happy. Everything was wonderful. Their parents came to the beach and they swam in the sea. Then, they came back to the hotel. The next day, they went into a ship. The family saw dolphins and fish. Suddenly, some black clouds appeared in the sky. It started to rain. First, slowly, then, faster and faster.


The thunders started to sound, Lucy was frightened. A lightning fall in the boat. The boat was broke. Lucy opened the eyes. She stood up and saw her brother. They were in an island. It was very small. It had many palms, a small lake and a beach. Peter and Lucy fished and picked fruit.

Three days later; Lucy saw a light. It was a ship! They moved their arms and legs, and they jumped.

The boat saw them, and they came with their parents.


By: Uxue Sarobe