English week 2015

As the last three years, our school has participated in the programme “English Week” 2015. This time it was held in Estella instead in Lumbier.
Everything was alright, we had a very good time, even if the weather was a bit cold.
This is a summary of the pupils opinions:
We had classes like in the school, but the classes were very funny. My favourite part was when we went to the swimming pool, but I have a lot of fun when we went to the mountain, too.
I walked to the mountain with my classmates and teachers, the sights were beautiful. The best part for me is to make new friends.
I liked the gymkana and the forest adventure. Everything was very funny.
We were 12 in my bedroom. The last day, we danced and sang in the disco party.
We were shouting the first night and the teachers were very angry.
My best part was when I went to the swimming pool with my friends. I won the show of karaoke. I love the dance.
The English week is very good. We go to the classes at 9:00. My favourite activity was the karaoke. I love the English week!
In the morning the director was Jerry, in the afternoons was Dave. My favourite activity was the Song and Dance competition. We went to the mountains one day.
I love English week because the activities are funny. My favourite day is the first day, and the swimming pool. I have new friends and new stories to tell.
I made new friends and I like doing my bed every day, but the classes were boring.
The food was good. The walk to the forest was boring. All the groups had to dance and sing, my group didn’t win the contest.
I love my class group, I like a lot the dance show and all the activities were amazing.
My favourite moment is when the “Squids” won the Gymkana. I played in the swimming with my school friends and the Berriozar School. In the classes I sing what the fox said.
We learnt information about the English country.

My favourite moment in Estella was the gymkana and the sports games. I loved the dance and Song competition in the afternoon. In the playground we played football.