English week 2013

Last week, San Juan de la Cadena students went to an English Camp, in Lumbier.  There we met the children from Tudela and from Pamplona (Teresianas school).

The first day Pablo explained us the rules, then we went to the classrooms in  different groups: Onions, Lettuces, Olives, Tomatoes and  Endives. We met our teachers and we started our activities book.
Every morning we woke up at 8:00 and we made our beds, after breakfast we did activities and games.

The teachers checked the rooms and gave us stars  (clean room) o pigface (dirty room).

In the afternoon, on Monday  we did activities in the village, on Wednesday we went to the swimming pool and on Thursday we went to the Gorge.

On Wednesday morning we had geography competition.

During the week, we had to prepare a song and a dance to perform on Thursday night, in front of all the students and teachers, it was very funny!

After the performance, we have “disco”, we danced a lot with our friends.

We did many funny things and games. Our teachers were very funny, too.

We won the prizes to the cleanest rooms, girls and boys.

We liked it a lot and we learnt a lot of English.

Pupils Grade 5.