English Week 2014

We went to Lumbier the 19th of May. These are some of our students opinions.

– On May 19th  the students in 5th grade were five days in Lumbier camp. The first day the monitors told us how to do things. First we taught ourselves the beds, then we were told how to do everything in the room and explained the rules of the school and told us how we had to do things in the room and with whom we played in class.  And in the afternoon class we practiced the song and dance for the Thursday before the disco, and one day we went to the pool,  foz of Lumbier … and the last day we danced in the discoteca.

– I liked going to Lumbier because I learned more English and now I understand the language better. I have new friends from the other schools. The teachers were very nice and funny. I want to go again.

– In Lumbier I loved the people from other schools, the bedrooms, the swimming pool, the classroom and…!thWe had a great English Week in Lumbier. It was very funny. The teachers put videos in class. We had some terrible nights, but it doesn’t matter, it was an adventure. The last night we had discoteca!!!!!

– We went to the village, to the swimming pool and to the Gorge. I was in the group of OLIVES.

– In Lumbier we played some games very funny. My favourite activities were the walk to the Gorge and the Song and Dance.

-We were in six groups doing activities. The pool was no good.  The children didn’t like the food, some children didn’t eat. We had a party and it was very interesting.

-On Tuesday we played a game named Compatigo, it was very funny. I also liked the work «Song and Dance» because I like dancing. Finally, on Thursday we went to the Gorge and we saw vultures.

-We started everyday at 8:30 with the breakfast. Then we have classes and games. The first day they explained us the rules.

– My favourite game was Compatigo, it was very funny. There were six teams: Garlics, Onions, Endives, Tomatoes and Lettuces. The Garlics won the «Song and Dance» competition.

– Some of the children had a «pig face», because they didn’t clean the room, and some had stars because the room was very clean.
Pupils of Grade5.e disco!.