Shading in Yamaguchi park

The three groups of Grade 4, walked to Yamaguchi park to practice their shading skills. First, they spent more than an hour by the pond, trying their best to draw the Japanese palafitte and its sorroundings. After that, they took turns to play in the park and in the «Stars Garden» and finally they ate their snacks.

We all spent a really good time and we could enjoy the warm weather too!!

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Gure ametsetako etxea

Kaixo bihotzak! 
3.mailako ikasleak beraien ametsetako etxea egin dute. Maketa eta plano zoragarriak sortu dituzte. Lan bikaina egin dute beste behin, ZORIONAK! 

Muxu zaparrada! 

Kaixo bihotzak! 
El alumnado de 3° ha creado la casa de sus sueños. Han creado unos planos y unas maquetas maravillosas. Una vez más, han hecho un buen trabajo, ZORIONAK! 

Muxu zaparrada! 


Egun on bihotzak! 
4. mailako ikasleak beraien ametsetako bidaia prestatu dute, ea noizbait ametsa bete dezaketen. Oso lan polita egin dute, zorionak talde! 

Muxu zaparrada! 

Egun on bihotzak! 
El alumnado de 4° ha preparado el viaje de sus sueños, ¡esperemos que pronto puedan cumplir ese sueño! Han hecho un buen trabajo, zorionak! 

Muxu zaparrada! 

Women for Science 4º EP

On Tuesday, we received the visit of 3 sciences from the University of Navarra. They conducted several experiments related to different branches of science:


-Magnets: how they repel and attract and even float!

-Light: using a laser we tested how it travels, where it reflects, and how we can create 3D effects using concave mirrors and a small plastic frog.


-Changes of state and exothermic reactions can be useful to keep your hands warm in cold weather.

-Combustion of chemical elements and the different colours they produce.

-Chemical reaction when we mix hot oil and water.

-Exothermic reaction when there are mixed soap, acetate and hydrogen peroxide.

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